No Salvation follows real life underground industrial rock band Society 1 as they descend into a new world brought about by some
unexplained chemical leak that unexpectedly envelops Los Angeles CA one evening after a concert. This new world is eerily familiar due to
all imagery and action of the characters seemingly unfolding within the context of an obscure poem that Lord Zane heard during his childhood.

To make matters worse the prevalent chemical seems to affect the majority of the population by
turning them into aggressive violent creatures, yet a small few are left with their human characteristics intact although they suffer from
intense hallucinations that can occur at any moment.

No Salvation moves between a violent new reality of insane creatures and an unstable understanding of that reality from the hallucinations!

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Plus as an added bonus you'll receive an MP3 of the Society 1 track "This Is The End" which is featured within the comic as the band closes their final set!