Society 1 Premiere Science Fiction Themed Music Video "No Control"

Society 1 are back with their ninth music video off their Rise From The
Dead album for the track "No Control". It's a two part video spanning
between albums Rise From The Dead and the yet to be released Black Level

The song was remixed by Patrick Burkholder and remastered by Mike Wells
specifically for the video which takes place in the year 2019 as well as an
undisclosed timeframe within the future. The scenes are linked together by
a type of machine that allows a mad scientist of sorts to view the event
through a virtual monitor. The performance is supposedly the last live show
of Society 1. The video was shot entirely on green screen and then
composited and edited by Matt Zane over the course of a few months.

Vocalist Matt "The Lord" Zane says, "It was a challenge creating this. I
had the concept, pitched it to the band and they thought it was different
and cool but the next question do we do this? It became
apparent fast that the only way it was getting done was with 100%
fabricated elements in post production. The decision was made to shoot
everything on green screen. The band and the actors had no idea what was
going on. They just knew they had to wear certain costumes and react to
things happening that actually weren't."

The other unique aspect of the video is that it's a two part story that
will span across albums.

"I don't know if it's been done before but this video has a sequel that
will debut when the new album Black Level Six is released next year. It
will finish the story that we started. We will probably release a teaser
trailer of sorts in-between the albums explaining the story a little better
to hold people over as well." says Zane